Meet Marcia

Hi, I'm Marcia

I've been married to Dion for 19 years and we have two sassy but very adorable (nearly) five-year-old boy/ girl twins, Connor and Kendra.

Dion reminds me often that I prayed for 80% sassy kids. This is true!

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and I spell organised with an s because we use UK English over here :)

I work full-time in financial services (yes!) and I coach women to live their lives to the full at night after the kids are asleep. I also do talks on time management and organising for all sizes of groups. Speaking is undoubtedly one of my passions and I'd love to come do a talk for your group.

Other than that, I love blogging, photography, reading, baking and seeing the beauty in everyday life, like  grey skies, rainy days and a good sunset :) Follow me on Instagram.

Please stay awhile, get to know me on my blog or on Facebook and let's connect. I'd love to work with you.

About Me

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I'm a wife, mother to boy/ girl twins, have a full-time job and in my "spare" time I help people become more productive by getting their homes, offices and time organised virtually.